Product Data

Glass beaded products

Aura Optical Systems 121E – 3 year PET, screen printable

Avery Dennison M0500 – 4 Year Commercial Grade, printable PET type.

Avery Dennison T1500 – 7 Year Engineering Grade, Full EN12899-1 RA1 certification, printable Urethane type

Aura Optical Systems 104 – 7 Year Glass Bead Engineering Grade – suitable for vehicle applications – High UV protective top coat – printable face film

Micro-Prismatic Products

Aura Optical Systems 191 – 5 Year Vehicle Grade – Metallised Micro-Prismatic Grade – no edge seal required – HIP reflectivity

Avery Dennison T2500EGP – 7 Year Engineering Grade Prismatic

Avery Dennison T6500HIP – 12 Year High Intensity Prismatic Grade, Omni-Rotational, printable acrylic face – Full CE Accreditation to R2

Avery Dennison T7500B – 12 Year Premium fluorescent Micro-Prismatic Grade, Omni-Rotational,  conforming to BS8442 (Fluorescent Yellow) & CE Acredited R3B

Avery Dennison T11000 – 12 Year ‘Omni-Cube’ Full Cube Premium Grade Micro-Prismatic grade, Omni-Rotational

Avery Dennison WR6100 – 3 Year Flexible Metallised Micro-Prismatic Grade – Omni-Rotational – Digitally Printable – HIP reflectivity

Avery Dennison WR7100 – 3 Year Flexible Micro-Prismatic Grade, Omni-Rotational, printable vinyl – HIP Reflectivity

Avery Dennison  T-6500 T–  Translucent Micro-Prismatic Grade, Omni-Rotational, Printable

Avery Dennison HV1302 –  Metallised Micro-Prismatic Grade, no edge seal required, thin film for easy application – Omni-rotational – Warranty for life of vehicle

Avery Dennison V6700B Rigid – ECE104 Compliant Metallised contour tape, high tack adhesive, flexible construction

Avery Dennison V6750B Flexible – ECE104 Compliant flexible grade contour tape, high tack, designed for truck curtains

Avery Dennison V-8000 Datasheet – CAST approved flexible vehicle grade – 6 colours – no edge seal required

Non Reflective Product Datasheets

Aura Optical Systems 139 – 3 year Fluorescent vinyl, available in Red/ Orange and Yellow/ Green, suitable for Chapter 8 applications as well as general commercial signage

Avery Dennison OL2000 – 12 year acrylic transparent overlay film – CE Accredited – suitable for use on all Traffic Products

Solar Products

SolarEye® Data Sheet  – Up to 8 Year solar powered LED route marker – highly durable polycarbonate construction – designed in the UK for UK weather conditions

Road Stud Datasheets

Siglite 14mm & 19mm glass inset road stud

Highly durable fully tempered glass inset road stud, certified to EN1463. The Siglite is widely considered as the World’s most durable road stud and is offered with a 5 year warranty. Please click the ‘Product Sheet’ for more details

Siglite Datasheet

Ray-O-Lite Roundshoulder – Surface mounted road stud

Tough Engineering Grade Polymer Body, large prismatic reflector, fully certified to EN1463

Ray-O-Lite RS